2108, 2015

Facilitation for the establishment of 9 child rights school clubs in Dollow and Banadir

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The CPAs who included teachers and the CPCs has facilitated establishment/ strengthening of child rights clubs in the formal and informal schools to promote participation of girls and boys in dialogues promoting children’s rights including abandonment of harmful practices and to secure learning environment for children.

Nine (9) number schools, 3 from Dollow and 6 from […]

1603, 2015

Community dialogue forum on benefits of FGM abandonment Dollow

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One community dialogue forums for religious leaders and local authority representatives was organized and conducted 16th March 2015 in Dollow. The forum was attended by 30 participants from different stakeholders and it lasted for one day only. This activity was an extension and a follow-up on similar activities conducted in 2013.The objective was to continually […]

608, 2006

Welcome to SAF Juba Official Website

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Somali Aid Foundation (SAF) is a non- governmental, non partisan, non-political, non-profit, impartial, voluntary organization operating in Southern-central Somalia. It was established in lower Juba Afmadow District in 2000 by a group of highly motivated Somali professionals from Lower and Middle Juba Region together with professionals from Somali Diaspora after they were deeply touched by the devastating effect […]

608, 2005

SAF In Action

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The organization has adopted an integrated, multisectoral approach in developing interventions in the various thematic areas in which it operates. The clusters where it is actively involved include; Health, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Protection, Shelter and NFI, Agriculture and livelihood, Food aid, and Peace building.